Thank you for all the help that you provided for in my desperate time of need in getting my transplant done. You not just helped financially but even mentally by boosting my parents and my confidence that I will be alright. Thank you so much for providing us with the financial aid from your side that made a huge difference in my life and even gave some relief to my parents who were broken mentally and financially at the time. Thank you for all the help that you have provided to me and made all this possible.

सेवा मै
अन्नु मैडम जी
मेरा नाम गीता सिहॅ है मै आप के एन.जी.ओ (Sanskriti Sourabh Education Society) फ़तेपुर बेरी असोला मै पढाती हॅ् । 22 मई 2013 को मेरे बेटे का जन्म हुआ डिलेवरी के समय मे बहुत खचॅा हुआ जिसमे आप ने मुझे (19000 हजार) रूपये मुझे नकद दिय़ा जिससे मेरी बहुत मदद हूई जिसके लिए मै आप का एहसान मानती हू आैर शुकि्या कऱना चाहती हूँ । गीता सिहॅ
(Sanskriti Sourabh Education Society)