He is a gardener from Nepal and about 42 years old. Fell down after an epileptic fit on 3 January 2014. Admitted to Rockland Hospital in Manesar.

We had him examined at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, in the Neurosurgery Department and was diagnosed as having a tumour in the brain. As per medical advice, he was operated by Dr. K.C Sharma, head of Neurosurgery department on 13 January and discharged from the hospital on 27 Jan 2014. Subsequent radiation therapy was advised but Mr. Bahadur could not handle the trauma of chemotherary and radiation and left for Nepal on 02 March 2014. We supplied him with a three months stock of medicines as well.

All arrangements for hospitalisation, expenses for consumables and medicines and pre / post operative care were handled,and expenses borne by, Sanskriti Sourabh.


These two children are part of the group of students who attend Free Tuitions provided by Sanskriti Sourabh at our Gadaipur centre.

The students are studying in Class X and having Maths as one of their subjects. As it is a specialized subject, they require special attention and have hence started attending private tuitions in their village in Fatehpuri Beri.

Mr. Vipin Singh is the private tutor and helping children in the locality for past 10 years or more. We have met and confirmed the quality of teaching that he is providing.

The two students are being assisted with financial help for their private tuitions to the value of 50 % of their fees.


A young boy of 18 years, Rohan has been suffering from defective kidneys since birth. He has been undergoing dialysis, initially at hospital and then at home, for most of his life. However, this method of dialysis can only be effective for a limited period of time and the only way to survive was for him to undergo a kidney transplant operation.

They were finally able to arrange and get the proper permission for a kidney transplant operation to be conducted for him in Kolkata. The operation was successfully performed a few months ago. The family approached Sanskriti Sourabh for assistance. Our Director, Ms. Anu Khurana, personally met the boy and the parents to authenticate the case and their claims for medical help. Having satisfied ourselves, we were able to arrange donations for the family to the value of Rs. 4.0 lakhs.

Today, Rohan is well and in good health. He has started attending college on a regular basis and Sanskriti Sourabh feels vindicated in coming to the assistance of the family, and the survival of the young man, in good time.


Geeta is a teacher who was hired by Sanskriti Sourabh for its unit based in Asola centre. She was pregnant and expecting a child after ten years of marriage. The baby was very "precious" for her, and she was advised a Cesarean operation for delivery. Not trusting the Government HospItals for the delivery, she wished to give birth in a private hospital.

Sanskriti Sourabh helped her financially and made it possible for her. The baby was delivered safe and sound. Geeta continues to teach at Sanskriti Sourabh unit at Asola till date.


Vivian was an inmate of the Asola Old Age Home with which Sanskriti Sourabh is associated with. Vivian had been a teacher of English at Dehra Dun schools in his prime days, and a man full of good humour and mirth. He was suffering from gangerene in his toes on account of poor blood circulation in his body. Three of his toes had turned black when we met him.

He was taken by us to Apollo Hospital, and admitted in the ward catering to patients "below poverty line" under the care of Dr. Rakesh Mahajan, Vascular Surgeon. The toes had to be amputated and he was in hospital for about a month for post operative care and rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Sanskriti Sourabh took care of his entire expenses for the consumables and physiotherapy equipment rental expenses. As his children had forsaken him and not in contact, we provided the complete pre / post operative care and cost of medicines and subsequent medical assistance and follow-up. Viavian finally moved back to the Asola Old Age Home where he lived comfortably. He passed away on account of sudden heart attack in January 2013 .